Friday, June 6, 2014

A Little Show, A Little Rant

I started my pottery addiction at The Middletown Art Center and still teach the kids classes and take a Wednesday morning class. Every year we have a student show from all the disciplines and there are some very talented competitors. This year I took second with a big jar and was thrilled that my friend Gloria Fraley took first in ceramics with her handbuilt bowl. Another friend Jan Holladay took best in show with her watercolor.

Best in Show

Gloria Fraley
1st in Ceramics

My Second in Ceramics

Another by Gloria

Judy Schnieder

That's it for the good news. Now allow me a little rant. Last week I posted about measuring lids and received a few hits. Actually, as of this morning it had been visited over 950 times and checking my sources, they were legit visits, not some spammer. I received a couple of comments on Facebook and 3 on the blog itself. Four if you count my response.
Comments are the currency of the Blogosphere. If you wouldn't go to a restaurant and not leave a tip you shouldn't go to a blog and not leave a comment occasionally. This works best as a conversation instead of a monologue. Most bloggers I know have this same problem and it really feels like you are SETI broadcasting radio pulses into space waiting for an answer. We are not asking you to buy anything, give us your personal secrets, or admit to past crimes just leave a trace of your passing so we know who is reading. Thanks.


  1. Agree! Blogging can be a lonely pastime. :( And we put it out there for people to read. I can't imagine NO one has an opinion...

  2. If I had as many comments as the hits that google analytics says I do, the conversations would be very long. I am not sure I have ever gotten 950!
    Congrats on the show, it's a beautiful jar.

  3. These pieces are really beautiful, and I love reading your blog.

  4. Do I leave a flat 20 %, or do the math on 18........
    I try to, but of late I've been lazy and tired.
    Here's your 10%.

  5. 20 is just easier Meredith.Thank you all. Michele, I put a link up on Clay Buddies and I think a lot of traffic came from there. Otherwise it was pretty balanced and all from familiar sites. I was as shocked as anyone. Blind Hog, Acorn...

  6. congrats to you and well deserved, I must admit some throwing tips are so far beyond my ability that I can't even relate, but I keep plugging along as best as i can. One of these days I'll fire up my wheel and will be looking back on these posts and wondering why I didn't pay closer attention.

  7. Congratulations! That is a fine pot. Or perhaps as Pooh would say, "A useful pot for putting things in."
    It looks like your art center has a wide variety of fine work.
    I firmly believe that since schools have given up on any sort of art education, community art groups are filling a needed space.
    Perhaps we should all take up the idea of leaving a ((o)) pebble to show that we have been here. Although even that small amount of effort seems to be too much for some!
    Keep on potting!

  8. I love reading blogs but usually find that the site won't let me comment so I have given up. Enjoyed you comments re casseroles. Thanks

  9. Thanks Kate. It is a tough balance. If you allow unrestricted comments you get a ton of spammers, If people have to register, they don't comment but you don't get spam. I hate the word verification pop up but am trying it to see if readers like it better.

  10. Hi Dennis ... Just wanted to let you know your blog is on my blogroll along with several other bloggers in the potter community, including many who have commented on this post. I thoroughly enjoy reading and following these blogs but rarely leave comments. For me, I don't like to comment just for the sake of doing so but will if I have something meaningful to say. Altho' Facebook can be a pain in the ass, there is something to be said about the ability to give a thumbs up to acknowledge and let someone know you've read their post. I need to come up with a blog equivalent ;)

    Congrats on your win with the lovely jar. And PS ... I also thoroughly enjoy your back and forth banter with Tony C .... Brenda (aka d2eclaylady)

  11. Dennis, I'm guilty as charged (and i'm always bitching about the same thing with my blog, absolutely no one comments anymore, but i know there are still readers!). I don't think i've ever left a comment here before, but then i always feel you do get comments and dialogues going. Also i don't feel like a genuine potter, so keep my thoughts tucked away. Another problem is reading all the blogs i follow on Feedly, where i can't directly comment without clicking over to the actual blog. It's a small step, but if i'm mobile and on my phone i know the comment probably won't post anyway. I will drop in more often though, as i know exactly what it's like. It used to be so much better, but facebook has taken many. I agree that at least the 'like' lets us know someone has passed by. Sometimes that's all we really need, after all how much smoke can we fit up our....

  12. D2E, sometimes I don't have anything meaningful to say either but it doesn't stop me! Scott, good point about the mobile devices. I hate typing on a cell phone.

  13. Okay, so I'll quit lurking and comment! Thanks for the posts about shelving. I'm tired of the tabletop and ready to make some display changes. I only do a couple of shows, but would like to make it look nicer. You have given me some good ideas! Thanks for sharing--had to do this as "anonymous" because I don't have any of the accounts listed--found you through Clay Buddies on Facebook.


Comments are the currency of the Blogosphere. Remember to tip your waiter.