Saturday, February 1, 2014

Invest in Your Karma

I've been resting on my laurels since I got the Pottery Blogs mention last month. I think it may just have been that there are so many people who have quit blogging that there was not much competition The laurels are not all that cushy anyway so I guess it's time to start earning my keep again. I've been casting about for a topic. I was set to go out to the studio and take pictures of some current work when I got a call from a friend of mine. He has been having some shoulder trouble for a while but he tripped yesterday and on the way down he stuck out his arm to catch himself. He is in a lot of pain and contemplating surgery and a period of disability. I know the physical pain he is going through, the worry and uncertainty are tougher to feel but hurt just as much. .He is primary breadwinner and does it by throwing pots. Lots of pots.  So what now?

Most of you know that until I retired I taught students with multiple disabilities. In that field, we often referred to the typical population as "Temporarily Abled". At some time in our life we all become disabled. We don't plan to , but it happens. If we are lucky, it hits at a ripe old age and lasts for a short time. If we are not lucky, it hits us by surprise when we step off a curb, slip on some ice, or throw a blood clot. Sometimes we get a little warning, sometimes we don't. Another friends' husband fell off a roof a couple of years ago and landed on his head.The whole thing may have taken two seconds.Two years in he is a miracle man and is able to walk, talk, and care for himself but he will never be 100% again. Shit happens. It happens to nice people.It happens to bad people. It just happens.

Of course it will never happen to me. It will never happen to you. Just in case though, be thankful that most of your body parts are still attached and functioning as they should. If it hurts when you stand up, be thankful you can stand. If someone needs a hand, give it to them while you still have two good ones. Be thankful for today.

P.S. Invest in your Karma. After I wrote this,  a customer came in and bought two big boxes of pots !


  1. In the blink of an eye your life can make a major change.
    I hope your friend does well.

  2. Well aren't you Mr. Happy! I traveling in the US right now and you bet I took travel insurance. Dang now you have me nervous. Be wellT

  3. My shoulder started to ache reading about your friends story. I hope he can avoid the surgery and will be on the mend soon.


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