Saturday, January 11, 2014

Down the Drain

Yup, down the drain. That's where I hope to have the waste water from the new sink running by the first of the week. This is a story 60 years in the making. I've told you before, my house and I are the same age and we are both falling apart. We've done a lot of work this year and with a new heating and COOLING system, new flooring and a new deck we are in better shape than we have been for a long time. However, a long while back we had the drain from the bathroom sink begin leaking inside the wall, behind the ceramic tile that covers the 1 inch of plaster. Disconnecting the drain and putting a bucket under the sink was a quick fix but unsightly and somewhat inconvenient. I hate plumbing and I really hate removing ceramic tile. It's hammer and chisel work that leaves a real real mess when you are done.For the last few weeks, I have been slowly trying to fix the mess. It has grown into a full remodel with a new sink, drains that are rerouted to avoid the old rusted galvanized runs inside the wall, and replacing the tub with a walk in shower. At this point, I am about half done but the worst of it is over and I no longer have any ceramic tile. By the time the shower is done, I should never have to go into those walls again. Here is a pictorial update.


  1. Bathrooms!! Love them inside but- where there is water there is rot.
    We are on bathroom number 2 at the house in Virginia. One more to go after this. Some how I think the first was the easiest to fix.
    Good luck with your repair.

  2. Ah, the wonders of home ownership! I'm surprised you didn't say there was any wall or wood damage! (Or maybe you left that out on purpose for fear of adding in some additional curse words!) It is nice that you are able to do those things by yourself though. Around here, sometimes unfortunately, because one or the other of us is able to do something, it doesn't always get done right away!

  3. Yay for plumbing!!

    I'm a fellow ceramic artist and have recently started a project (I'm writing a book on how to set up a ceramic studio that's a little more global in nature, encompassing studios from across the nation as well as a special section on modifications for those of us with disabilities). Anyway, I am in need of some fellow potters to answer a questionnaire for me and send me studio pictures. If you're interested, please email me at and I will get ya more info. :)


  4. Did you do all the work by yourself? If so, you did a great job. Plumbing is really not an exciting job and it’s understandable if you hate it. It’s a dirty job and can be complicated sometimes, especially with old houses like yours. I think this is the reason why for some prefer to call a plumber to do this for them.

    Levi @

  5. For someone who claims to hate plumbing, I think you did a pretty great job in fixing all those mess! With the drain and the tiles fixed, I hope the plumbing department is no longer a major concern. Good luck with all your other renovations!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing


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