Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What Sold

Here are a few pictures I dug out of the archives just to show the stuff that has been selling. Squared and oval bakers sold like they were full of hotcakes last week. I went with 4 and came home with none. Five Pi plates have new homes and I have a request for several more. The big shino bowls both left Saturday and that was the last of the big bowls I had on hand. I even sold a big crock and as much as I like to make them, they are not fast movers around here. My last scheduled show for the season is Saturday at Cottell Park at Snider and Irwin Simpson Rd. near Mason, Ohio.Say you read it here and I'll give you 10% off everything.


  1. Love that blue oval. Here's hoping your last show is a sell out!

  2. Love that green breaking brown glaze, it's such a nice fit for the bakers. Good luck with your final show of the year.

  3. Thanks y'all. Michele it doesn't break. Just a really nice red clay' I wipe the rim after glazing. It leaves enough to seal the rim but not to color it.


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