Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ideas Wanted

OK kids, today I am going to share a problem with you and it's the kind of problem you wish you had. Do you know about those wonderful gifts that you didn't know you wanted and would not have gotten for yourself but someone knew you wanted before you knew? My wife Tina gave me a very generous gift certificate to a sign shop for Christmas. They claim to be able to put a sign on anything. A banner to emblazon the name of Whistle Creek across the booth, vinyl logos to stick on the van,magnetic signs for the van, embroidered logos on hats, shirts, etc. Sort of a one stop brand shop.I have some ideas but I wanted to poll all of you on what kinds of things you think might pay off. They say two heads are better than one and most are better than mine. I do not want to hang a shingle in front of the house but other than that, I'm open to suggestions.

In case you didn't get the riddle from last time.....


  1. visualize whirrled peas.....
    go for a good banner for your booth.

  2. You will get the most mileage out of a banner for your booth. I am not a fan of the car magnets... you have to be careful with them, they can scratch your car AND if you do something dumb while driving (like cut someone off by mistake) they remember you as that potter that cut you off. I prefer to drive anonymously.

  3. Banner,check. What else? She was very generous. Keek the advice coming

  4. I showed Wesley your picture and she got it right away, smarty pants!
    Sign gift: brand yourself, get them to make you a brand image, use the same one for your booth banner, business cards, postcards if they make those. If they don't do cards, get someone else to make them like your banner. What a fun gift!

  5. Why not wrap each of your pots?! Think of the decorating possiblities. Like those phone can change the surface of your pots at your whim!

  6. Dan !!! Genius!!! Interchangeable shrink wraps!! No more glazing errors!!! Tracey, yup that's the plan. I had also thought of maybe a complementary music CD but it's already been done. All potters sing the blues after a show.


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