Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finally, Some Fame, Where's the Fortune?:

Hello everyone. I can now say that I am an award winning blogger. Ok, it's the Liebster Award which is kind of like the chain letter of awards but it looks good on the resume.
I need to answer a bunch of questions then pass it on to other bloggers.This is going to involve a lot of back and forth or clip and paste so I'm just going to tell you a bunch of personal info and it may not all be warranted to be true.Then I'll show a few new pots.

I was born in 1950. That makes me 35 years old, 6ft 6in tall and 175 lbs.

I have been married to my wife Tina for 37 years.

I have a full head of hair and an IQ of 182.

We have 2 kids. Our son Ben is in NYC where he runs a Global Brand Strategy company.The kid's a branding guru and old Dad is just stumbling through trying to peddle his pots.Our daughter Kate teaches art in Charlotte and makes jewelry. She has been awarded a paid semester at the McColl Center for the Arts to pursue her own work. And she is featured in a show opening there this weekend.

I am a retired teacher of multi handicapped children. I worked with older teens and young adults and taught a lot of daily living and transition to work skills. I was also dept. chair at a large high school.

I don't know what you all are complaining about, I sell out at every show I do.

Most of the potters that I try to emulate (see I did go to college) have been influenced by English country pottery.

When I read Ceramics Monthly I feel like I'm the only one who knows the emperor has no clothes.

Politically I am to John Boehner's left and Nancy Pelosi's right but try to get along with everyone.

One of my favorite workshops was the Carolina Clay Matters winter workshop with Mark Hewitt a few years ago and if Judy will comment with this years offering, I may come down again.

Most of the music I like was written before 1940 and played by string bands, fiddlers, and banjo pickers in the mountains of Appalachia.

I think that is 11 facts. I will pass this on to other deserving bloggers soon. Here are some pots including Mitt Romney's piggy bank.


  1. Very pretty pots, and you are not alone, I see that Emperor with no clothes on every day it seems!

  2. Married at 2- good deal!
    Love the facts...(?) you are always a good read.
    My smile of the day.

  3. I'm lookin for even a small fortune they can keep the fame, love that last pot. I was born the same year so I am the same age but subtract one foot and 75 pounds. Ha.

  4. I am still waiting for the cash from this Liebster Award... maybe it comes as an end of year bonus.
    ... have the "fact checkers" weighed in on your answers yet?

  5. Yes Michele, I checked all the facts myself and they are still exactly as I wrote them. They're on the internet so they must be true.

  6. The Carolina Claymatters Winter Workshop is February 16 & 17th. Ellen Shankin is our presenter. No other info is available and the applications haven't come out yet.

  7. Thanks Judy. Sign me up. I love her stuff.


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