Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Well, things are mostly back to normal around here. I've been making a bunch of square and oval bakers. They always sell pretty well and I sold out of them right before I got hurt so it is time for more. Big salad bowls had moved pretty well this fall so I am trying to stock up on them too. I've even made some Christmas ornaments and a couple of piggy banks. They don't really move me but a buck's a buck. I'm in the middle of a 15lb bank that is more my style. Hopefully it will work out and I can show you next time. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Good to see that you're back making again, your accident sounded really nasty. Those bakers are great. Get well soon, all best wishes from deepest Devon

  2. Better than laying on a sofa isn't it?! Glad to see you back at the wheel :)

  3. Thanks guys. Tracey given how you spent your summer you should be an authority on the subject.It's good to see you happily churning along too.


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