Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm Back!

I went out to the studio today and threw parts for a half dozen square and oval baking dishes. I could feel the sore ribs but it didn't really hurt. I take a few ibuprofen and my shoulder is still regaining full range but today will be the last post about the "incident". I am declaring myself healed (well, maybe I'm a week early but close enough).

The rest of the story is that the bills have started to come in for 2 E.R. visits 3 sets of x-rays, and a CT Scan. Believe me this was as MINOR a motorcycle accident as you can have, still, the medical bills will add up. I have insurance but I still may reach my maximum co-pay before this is over. This part is not really about me. Between savings and monthly retirement checks we can absorb this without any great hardship but it makes me think of many of my hardworking friends who cannot afford insurance or have $10,000 deductibles. Three seconds of accident can drive folks to bankruptcy.

 If the Affordable Care Act raises my rates a little, so be it if that gives my friends enough coverage that they can afford. I know that American Crossroads, Americans for Prosperity, and Mitt Romney say repealing affordable health care will make America strong and give all of us the joy of standing on our own two feet ( screw you if you have no legs). Remember the guys who passed Medicare D and then made it illegal for Medicare to negotiate drug prices? That last part was nothing but price supports for the drug industry. These are the same guys! What they really want to repeal is controls on profits of insurance companies, the ban on refusal for pre-existing conditions, the coverage of preventative care, and the repeal of lifetime benefit caps. When I hear a candidate call for repeal of Obamacare I know who I'm voting for. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad to read you are getting back to normal, Dennis.
    I'm with you on the ACA, it will save many people from certain ruin.
    I wouldn't vote for Romney if he were the last candidate on Earth. He has shown himself to be callow, uncaring, unfeeling, arrogant, self centered, and concerned only about the almighty dollar, and HIS dollars in particular.
    The Republican health plan?: Don't get sick or have an accident; if you do, just crawl into a dark corner and die, you scum.

  2. Welcome back, Dennis. And any motorcycle accident that you can walk away from ... or stagger away from, I guess ... is a minor one.

  3. Amen!!! I could write pages about my feelings on health care and prescription drugs. Some days I start a blog on it, then get too depressed to continue.... grrrr!
    Glad you are healing quickly and back with your clay.

  4. Welcome back! And I know and I don't want to talk about it....

  5. Welcome back Dennis. Couldn't agree with you more!

  6. Thanks everyone, it's good to be back.On healthcare,I know I'm preaching to the choir but it's nice to hear you sing.

  7. Welcome back, I'll bet it's great getting your hands into the clay again.
    Thanks for your intelligent perspective about healthcare and government. And to make matters worse Mr. Romney is proposing a voucher system that will cost retirees about $6000 per year for health care. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would vote for him.

  8. Dennis, can you tell me the name of that antenna thing you're using to get better wi-fi reception. I stopped in at Best Buy yesterday and asked about a plug in antenna, and the sales man told me he didn't think they had anything like that. They have a little thing that plugs into a USB port, that looks like a flash drive and they had some big expensive units that looked like routers. If I had the name of what you had or even an idea of what it's actually called, I should be able to find it on line. Thanks!

  9. June, it was that little thing that plugs into the usb port.If your problem is in your internal antenna it will override it.


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