Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Week in Review

It has been HOT in Ohio this week.I know it has been hot elsewhere too but that is easier for me to deal with.Sometimes I read Ang Wolford's blog just to hear about it being cold in Australia. Blondie and I have pretty much stayed inside out of the sun. I finally gave in and dug an old AC unit out of the basement and put it through the studio window.I didn't know if this thing would even run. I can't remember buying it and think it may have been a hand me down from the in laws in the 70's. I flipped the switch and God bless Sears and Roebuck it ran. (cue music) Heaven, I'm in heaven...It is so nice to have a comfortable workspace where things can dry. Humidity has been 80%+ outside so I was amazed that mugs I threw yesterday needed dipping in water before handles could be applied.

I also fired the new kiln last weekend. At the last minute I realized I was out of cones so I fired without them. Everything seemed to heat evenly and on schedule but I will put cones on each shelf next time too be sure. It was mostly refires and.... HERE COMES THE TIP LINDA ASKED FOR...I had a bunch of flat bottomed baking dishes I was refiring. Usually broad flat pieces are tough to refire because they are prone to cracking. I programmed the controller to limit cooling to 150 degrees  per hour and all of the baking dishes came through unscathed. Happy Happy. I also got out some old jars of glaze to see if they were still good and they were so it was a pretty good firing. The other thing happening is I have been teaching kids classes this month. My Thursday girls( 2nd thru 4th grade)  did a nice job on some pressed candy dishes so I put in a picture of them too. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for the tip and those munchin ware plates are very cool as are the loosers.

  2. Your munchkins are doing a fine job!I'm envious of that studio AC, hot as a kiln in mine!

  3. I see you're liking Earthen Red. I do too. A tip - don't push the heat work much past a normal cone 6 firing. Bad things happen after that. (or can happen, like bloating).

  4. Thanks SC. I have used a couple of tons of it with no issues but I know I'm right at the limit with it. I also know someone who fast fires to 6 and gets some bloating. Slow and Easy Slow and Easy.....


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