Friday, July 15, 2011

Recent Work

After a blistering week in Southwest Ohio, we finally have a little break in the heat.That helped the Clay Alliance have a lovely annual picnic at the home of Josh, Marie, and the ever entertaining Zedalee Hamaker..There are a lot of super nice people in the group and it's always great to get together.

In the area of public policy suggestions for the week I'm not going to comment on the grandstanding idiots in Washington who claim to speak for America when Gallup reports 67% of Americans disagree with their hardline stance. I am wondering about Ohio though. Every day the State pays to run commercials that tell me I can get rich if I just buy a lottery ticket. Why not take the part of the state budget that the Governor hasn't given away to  big business and just spend it all on lottery tickets.It's a win for everybody!

In studio news,I'm going to fire off the new electric kiln this weekend so wish me luck.We have had a couple of gas kiln firings at Middletown so I'm showing you the results. I had a lot of people looking at the blue and white pots at my last show and had about sold out of them so I made a few more affordable ones.Also included is a large bucket that is awaiting a handle and some really sweet little cups. Enjoy looking and thanks for stopping by. Special thanks to Tracey Broome for kid project suggestions. The little girls made pendants yesterday and really enjoyed it.


  1. YAY! Glad I could help. We must be channeling each other, you teaching kids and I just posted a bucket I made yesterday. I love the blue and white, my favorite colors! Send me an email if you need more kids suggestions, I have a gazillion projects.....

  2. I like that top one a lot, what type of handle do you put on the bucket, I miss your tutorials, hint, hint.

  3. Linda, The bucket will get a heavy wire bail with a turned wooden handle.My lathe is not set up since the Studio move but I can use my brother's if I ask real nice.


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