Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ready for Spring Fair

This Saturday, the Cincinnati Clay Alliance kicks off the outdoor show season with our Spring Pottery Fair. Nearly 60 talented potters on one street. I have been getting ready for weeks and I think I'm in pretty good shape.The pots are priced and packed. The finish on the new shelves is dry. The truck is loaded and I still have room on the seat for a couple of last minute additions.The problem is that after a few years of this, I haven't figured out what to leave at home and what to take with me so I end up taking almost everything I own .If I had a long bed truck I would just take more.At 5 o'clock the show ends. Then  I will start 2 hrs of repacking and reloading and the truck will look the same as it did in the morning. If you are in the area Saturday, stop, buy,(not a misspelling), and help me reduce the size of this load! It should be a great show rain or shine. We have gotten a huge amount of publicity this year so hopefully we will have a crowd regardless of the weather. Jake Speed and the Freddies will be playing 12 to 3pm and there will be demos and prize drawings all day.Free show, free parking Fun Fun Fun.  I'm in booth 12 near Myrtle Ave.


  1. The weather here says sunny and 70's hope it's the same for you. God luck with the show, I have the opening of the Farmer's Market, should be a good weekend, here's to selling lots of pots!

  2. Thanks Tracey.God luck to you too.Hey, that can't be bad can it?


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