Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's Get Serious for a Minute

OK folks today's post is about a serious proposal.It won't have pictures of pottery or even a self promoting plug about the pottery extravaganza sale of the century I'm participating in Saturday (Anderson Towne Center Park and Ride Building) with Ben Clark, Ruth Radin, Trina Feldhake, Sandy Manteuful, Barb Terry and Karen Herbert. No mention either of the music, the treats, or diverse collection of fabulous pottery you can choose from to finish your Holiday shopping.

No, today's post is about TSA screenings.Have they gone too far? I say they haven't gone far enough !The new congress already says they are not going to fund Health Care. Why not combine health screenings with TSA checks at the airport? They can already feel those lumps and bumps. Why not add prostate and breast exams? If they feel something strange, they can put you in the full body scanner and crank it up to high to see what your problem is. How long would it take to say" turn your head and cough" when they already have their hand in your pants? We need to stop this wasteful duplication of service now!

Everyone knows that men put off health exams.Instead of having men examine men and vice versa, we could have the optional screening by someone of the opposite sex for a small extra fee. Your trip could have a happy ending at the beginning.

My niece Lisa has inherited the curse of the Allen family wit. Her suggestion is that we hire sex offenders to do the pat downs. Most of them have trouble finding a job so they are readily available. They would be dedicated and thorough, and we would know where they are. Everybody Wins. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


  1. Oh no. Another thing I'd have to figure the tip on.

  2. Why not laser hair removal as well?! (very funny post!)

  3. All those xrays could double as radiation treatment centers too.

  4. See, I knew we could get together on this. This is just the kind of collaborative effort we need to get us out of this ditch we're in!


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