Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy plus glaze notes

Everything has been going a little too fast since I got back from North Carolina. Laura Davis had asked if I would like to join her Holiday Sale. I said sure, then all of a sudden, I realized it was this week. I grabbed a few boxes of pots and hurried down there Tuesday to beat the drop off deadline not really knowing what I had brought.It turned out to be mugs, cereal bowls,some spongeware,and a few baking dishes. Not a bad mix but I did find that instead of sets of six bowls, I had some sets of three as the others were home in another box. Oh well stuff happens.

I went down Friday afternoon for final set up and discovered that Laura's staff had unpacked my boxes and put pots out on shelves. I had expected to use my own display but they chose to mix everyone's pots on the available shelves.That was fine, but I had not priced my pots yet so I had to scour the whole place to find my stuff to price it.

By the time that was done and I helped with the general chores it was time for the opening. The crowd showed up at six and kept coming through the evening. I sold some mugs and a bowl or two but the best part was spending the evening with a lot of nice people that I don't see often enough.This coming Saturday I am joining with some friends from Anderson Twp.for a repeat of our Holiday sale from last year.We had a great time and sold very well so I am planning to be a lot better prepared for this one. It is at the Anderson Towne Center Park and Ride near Beechmont and Five Mile.There will be five excellent potters, and me.

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  1. Wow, you're really running around, have another good sale.


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