Friday, July 9, 2010

Tour De Darke County

Today I took a day off from pottery and went to Darke Co.Ohio with my brother Norris. There was an Antique Farm Power Show at the fairgrounds in Greenville. Rain was forecast and tho we drove through some, the weather at the show was fine.Lots of popping, banging and smoking tractors and stationary engines were lovingly restored and a treat to look at. A slideshow is in the right hand column of the blog. We also stopped at the famous Maid-Rite Restaurant for a loose meat sandwich. It's just browned ground beef, onions,and maybe a little sugar on a bun.We were not too impressed but locals packed the place. They all also stick their gum on the wall outside.Local culture, go figure. Last stop was Bear's Mill to see some lovely pottery and a water powered mill with lineshafts and flat belts running all the equipment. They also had specialty coffees and baked goods. Nice place to stop.

The show at Centerville was very hot but I did ok. It was mainly a parade and festival crowd instead of art lovers but they bought enough that I may try again next year.I'm heading to Bellevue Ky. tomorrow for Second Saturday. I don't expect to sell out but it was worthwhile last year and the truck is still loaded from Centerville.

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