Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Tale of the Two Headed Kitty

Not a lot of pottery stuff happening this week. I've been finishing up the drywall in the studio and teaching a kids class at Middletown.The drywall work is hot and heavy so with my 60th birthday fast approaching, I'm just doing a little at a time.Most of the kids in class are 2nd and 3rd graders who have not learned to follow 2 step instructions or work independently.That about sums up pottery for the week.

In other matters, Gus, the feral cat who lives in our house, allowed me to take a picture of him worshiping his buddy Ed. In the 5 years he has lived here he has always run away when the focusing light came on. Maybe in 2 or 3 more years he will let one of us pick him up.

Finally, I made cherry wood chicken in the smoker again and added fresh sage from the garden. Just put it on the grill skin side up and smoke over charcoal and some small pieces of cherry wood for a couple of hours.Fantastic.Glad that first time wasn't a fluke.

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  1. Oh your cats are so cute, don't give up hope on Gus, my cat binky was lost in the snow and was really affected by it and is coming out of his shell after so many years. What kind of smoker do you have? I used to have a little chief electric smoker and smoked a lot of trout when I used to go fishing, I need to get another one and start smoking stuff again. Arkansas had the best hickory smoked BBQ when we lived there, I've gotten myself hungry looking at your chicken and thinking about the hickory smoked BBQ.


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