Monday, January 4, 2016

A Tip, A Tool, and a Technique.

Last month we talked a little about handles. Today I've been making casseroles and thought you might like to see how I get lids to fit. Using this method, your lids will always fit, they will fit every time, and you will be able to interchange them and make replacements at any time. You can also throw bases one day and lids later if you wish to stay " in the groove"

Theory- If you measure the same every time, you will get the same result. Some people try to do this with calipers but even if they are successful they end up with one base and one lid of an indefinite size. The answer is to make a fixed gauge that measures both the lid and the seat (groove) that it sits in. My very simple gauge measures 11 1/2 inches and allows for a very slight gap between the lid and seat. If you want yours looser, use bigger nails. I used 4 penny finishing nails .

Practice-  Always measure bases and lids at the same stage of dryness.
Measure the seat very carefully. You cannot change it later.


Throw a shallow bowl for the lid.
Leave it alone until things are stiff enough then trim. Add your attachments and wait.Trust your tools ! If you think the lid will be too tight, it is probably because the base and lid have dried at different rates. Everything should even out. All your lids should fit all your bases.

Bonus Tip- Do you poke holes with your needle tool to see how thick the bottom of your pot is or to pop air bubbles? Then do you have a hole to close up? I made this mini poker with a dowel, some tape, and a piece of guitar string. It makes a tiny hole that is easier to close.
Entertainment feature. Here is a song I put up on Youtube last week  


  1. you are the father of invention, thanks, although I'll probably never be able to accomplish this, I admire your ingenuity and willingness to share.

  2. Great tip Dennis. Simple and straight forward, most good things are!

  3. I get the point!

  4. I followed the link from Facebook. Good idea; I'm going to make a 4" one to try with my treat jars. I have been using the Lid Master and throwing the gallery and the lid to the setting of the tool. Having a specific tool with the exact setting I use is appealing.


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