Sunday, May 24, 2015

Student Work

Thought you might like to see what the students in Wheel 1 have been making. Of the three students I have now, one had classes as a kid that were mostly handbuilding, then she went to college grew up and came back for wheel class.One had no prior experience and the third could throw but wanted to do some fine tuning. Two have been with me 6 months, the other about 3. I'm very proud of them so I had to share. On to the pictures.

3rd teapot ever

4th teapot ever

Learning to trim a bowl

cylinders improving

First Chip/ Dip

Nice big plate


  1. wow, your students are doing wonderfully, love that first casserole, a unique style with the unusual handles and the teapots, just super as well as the chip and dip. if only I was closer I would love to take a wheel class from you. I am starting some hand building classes in June, I bought that used shimpo when I was in the RV but haven't tried it yet. We shall see

  2. Talented students with an excellent teacher. You should be proud, they are making nice work.

  3. Great to see early work of your students, as I hope they continue to create and grow as potters!

  4. Talented students mean a talented teacher! Good work!
    Remind your students to save a few of their early pot. I still have the first pot I ever fired and, after a twenty year hiatus, the first teapot I ever made. It's nowhere near as good as those teapots your students make, but I treasure them both!

  5. Those students look like they had a dang good teacher :)


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