Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanks for the Help

Hey everyone. Just a quick update and some observations on social media. When I asked for blog comments "Please Help" I received responses from over 20 readers letting me know their locations. Last week I mentioned on the CLAY BUDDIES forum that I was about to teach my first adult wheel class and add the word 'Tips ?' I received over a hundred responses in just a few hours. People in the clay community seem to be extraordinarily responsive to requests for assistance. Thank you all very much for your help and words of support.

Speaking of Wheel class, it is going very well. On the first night, I had 6 of my 7 students. I brought in some very soft reclaim for them to use and everyone was able to center. A few small pots rose off the wheelheads as well. Last night they switched to regular clay and were still able to center and pull. We are having fun and everyone is very supportive of each other. My beginner who missed the first session showed up and she is a natural. Centering and pulling three little pots on her first night. She must have one heck of a teacher !

Other than that, I have been working on a slightly different cereal bowl that is a bit taller and not as wide. The lower profile ones I've been selling are very functional but I think a taller bowl will show off the form and glazes better. I'll let you see after I get some glazed.

I'm still in a puzzle about what to tale to Holiday Fair on the 6th of December. The booths are 8x6 and it has thrown me for a bit of a loop that I am actually going to have to leave stuff at home and put up a different display. I'm thinking mugs, slab platters, bakeware , and a few big vases. I'll get it worked out but just don't expect me to make a bunch of holiday themed trinkets and glittery objects. Be well. Be happy and thanks for stopping by. Have a happy Thanksgiving if we don't chat before then.


  1. take extra work in boxes in case you sell what you bring, trinkets have their place, even if they only serve to bring folks into the booth who would otherwise pass on by

  2. You gotta go vertical with space like that! Can you expand yourself behind or on the sides of your booth? Christmas is synonymous with trinket unfortunately....

  3. No worries, Dennis, I've got the holiday trinket space covered.

  4. Nancy I think you are right. You've been cranking it out. Thanks Tracey. I'm getting some ideas.


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