Thursday, October 23, 2014

Please Help

Below is a listing of where my readers came from over the last week. It is really hard for me to believe that I have had 58 legitimate visits from China this week. France? Maybe a couple but not 42. 37 from Ukraine? You have to be kidding ! I wouldn't be surprised to find the NSA, FBI, and CIA. I can accept Canada and I know I have at least one reader each from Brazil and Australia but I really suspect that a lot of these are just hackers trying to get past the firewall of word verification and drop some spam or worse. Since I added the verification on comments, NO ONE ! has gotten through to spam me. I know it is inconvenient but it works. Just for fun, If you are from outside the US let me know where you are. Even if you are from the US drop your state in the comments. I know this is not real interesting to you but I am really curious. Thanks for helping out. Speaking of helping out, Next week I spend Friday and Saturday at the Western North Carolina Pottery Festival In Dillsboro NC. It's off 74 about an hour west of Asheville. Friday is fun and games. Some of us may even make some music after the throwing contests. Saturday is the show. 40 of the best potters in the country and a huge crowd of anxious buyers. I'll be in the Baum Pottery booth wrapping pots. Stop by if you can.
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  1. Well, i'm reading from over the pond in the UK Dennis. I'm actually in S.E England.
    I wonder about those stats too, some i can figure out, but i know there aren't all these folk in these countries coming to read my ramblings!

  2. Hi Dennis, coming to you from Black Mountain, NC. My blogs all have those strange locations as well, and I long ago figured they were machines...and of no interest to me. I'll try to meet you in Dillsboro! I've been going for the last several years. But I seldom make comments when I have to stop and type numbers and letters, or even worse on WordPress sites, give name and addresses! I do monitor comments, refuse anonymous ones, and no longer get spam. Barb

  3. Dennis I don't know why you don't accept your overwhelming appeal in Asia. :-)

  4. Brenda ... From western Canada .... have a great weekend in mud and music!

  5. It's probably the Worry Free For A Modest Fee That is attracting all these newcomers.
    Like Barb as soon as I stopped accepting anonymous comments I stopped getting the weirdos.
    Toes crossed for a excellent week end!

    1. Oh and I live in southern Rhode Island.

  6. Melissa from Ohio. I also get many different countries listed in my stats. I prefer to think they are actually interested.

  7. Nancy in Red Lion, PA - come visit!

  8. Linda Starr in blairsville georgia, I don't get spam and I don't think I have a word verification, do I. little do I know, now that I've said that I am sure to get lots of spam

    only think I know is those number are so small I have to enlarge my screen to read them.

  9. You know where I live :-)
    Like Linda, I don't get much spam either (knock on wood).

  10. Southern Oregon; but I think you know that. :-)

  11. Nikki from Pennsylvania!

  12. Okay, I confess I do drop in from time to time. Christine from Australia.

  13. I haven't had too much spam, hmmmmm you must be lucky Dennis!
    Posting from Ohio.

  14. I also spy on you, - all the way from little Denmark.

    Bet youcan't find me on a map without cheating :-)

  15. Hi - i enjoying following your blog. I am an american living in japan.

  16. Hi from Saskatchewan Canada - when I was writing a pottery blog the robots weren't even reading me !

  17. Hi Dennis, I left a couple of lengthy posts and they vanished, tryng again, my iPad doesn't like to share comments!
    I have someone from theUkraine that reads my blog and emails me, also several good blogger friends from Austrailia, also good customers.
    I have no word verification on my blog and in all the years I have blogged I have only been spammed twice and have had one evil blogger that everyone shamed into never commenting again on my blog, good bloggers!
    Reading and enjoying from North Carolina!


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