Sunday, August 17, 2014


Ok, here's what I know after the show last week. I blame the Doppler effect. The one where local TV stations all have Doppler radar anymore and justify it by screaming about rain, lightening  storms and eternal damnation whenever there is the chance of a shower. We had beautiful dry weather but a small crowd. I don't think I did $100 after 2pm. The total for the day was ok but getting there was odd. I had a couple of folks who bought over $100 each that helped a lot. One of them also wants about $250 more of the items she bought. There were a lot of people who labored over whether or not they could spend $18 for a mug. One poor guy had to go ask his wife if he could spend $20!!! He's got bigger problems than not enough mugs. In all, I had 7 square sales, 5 checks, and less than $100 in cash. That tells me that the people who did come mostly did not come prepared to buy. I usually see a couple of $50's and maybe a $100 but the biggest bill I saw that day was a $20. I understand that times are still tough and appreciate all my customers but it was just an odd mix.

You were right about the rectangular slab platter with the fish on it. It found a new home before noon and it was the fish that sold it. People seemed to like the others but money talks louder. Soup mugs sold well too. I'm going to have to make more. I had several local and online clay buddies and supporters show up. That always makes for a better day. Sometimes what you really need the most is to run to the porta-pot. So a fair income, a good order, saw lots of friends, and stayed dry. I took my time packing up and was still out by 7:10 for a short drive home. Big thanks to those who came out.

In other news, this year we will find the answer to those questions " will she still need me, will she still feed me" Yup, I turned 64 yesterday. Thanks to those who sent greetings and good wishes. As for the rest of you, how were you to know? I also share the day of my birth ( not year) with Doug Fitch and John Bauman. John claims there are at least 4 other potters on the list too but he could not remember them. I never expected to be on any list with guys this talented ( and nice) but if it takes an accident of birth, I gladly accept the honor (honour in Doug's case)

That's about it for now. We'll talk again soon.


  1. happy birthday to you. we're the same age ha, shows are so unpredictable

    I'm planning on making some small items for the holiday season because at least they can help pay for booth space if larger items don't sell - ornaments, pendants and tiny ring bowls, they are great kiln fillers too.

  2. Hippy Happy Birthday! I hope you made it a good one.
    I never know what to expect at shows. The last show we did we had more cash than credit card sales. It was nice to have cash but not convenient to carry around since we weren't going to be home for a week. We had a slow Monday at the show. A friend from southern NH came and said it was raining most everywhere but the show location!

  3. Happy belated Birthday Dennis! Sounds like an interesting show. Glad to hear your pockets were pretty full at the end of the day! And getting a nice order was a lovely bonus. Shows are always iffy, for sure.

  4. You were born a few years before my second son, on the same day. He's not a potter though, so won't add to your list I guess. Happy belated birthday. I always enjoy your blog. Never comment cause I hate "word verification" thing.


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