Friday, July 25, 2014

July Update

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since we chatted and I guess it is time to catch up a little. I am still making the slab dishes on the wooden molds. I sprayed them heavily with WD40 and the dishes are just falling away from the molds when I turn them over. Nothing is fired yet but I will show you as soon as they are. Several things have slowed down the pottery around here. Last week I had to have a tooth pulled and some bridgework started. A couple of weeks earlier, I had broken off a tooth that was mostly filling just about all the way to the root and there was not enough left to cap. The dentist also felt it was a bad spot for an implant so here we are. I have a temporary bridge while my gum heals and will have it about 8 weeks before the final permanent bridge is installed. It has been a bit uncomfortable and I have been uninspired. We also spent a day driving to Louisville to pick up our granddog so Tina could show her with our Audrey this weekend. Yesterday was pretty well consumed with clearing a site and building a platform for a small storage shed for Tina's camping toys. It's level and sturdy enough for me to dance on so it should be ok. Thanks to Mike Baum for helping out. I did fire a glaze load last week that had some big cups ( 24 oz) or vases ???? I like them but don't know which way to sell them. Customers always like suggested uses. Help me decide.


Oh yea, it's been muggy outside


  1. The giant tumbler sure makes a beautiful vase, but I am sure someone would also love them for 24oz beer.
    I hope your teeth are feeling better soon.

  2. give um a choice, love the last mug, it's awalsy something with helath isn't it


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