Friday, July 12, 2013

The Demise of Bertha

Hi everyone. Again this week has been full of construction and deconstruction more than pottery . I got to the studio to make a few cereal bowls and mugs but that is about it. Mostly I have been tearing out the old heating system ahead of my furnace woman and her Dad who are putting in a gas furnace and central air. I am pleased to report that the air is up and running in most of the main floor of the house and it works great. Cold, quiet and it stays locked on temp without any swings up or down. The engineer from Duke came out and marked where the meter will go so I'm hoping for gas service in a month or so. The engineer was easy enough to work with but believe it or not dealing with their phone tree and the people in the office is a little stressful. It is like everything pivots through me. are numerous phone calls I need to make to tell their right hand what their left hand did before they can proceed to the next step. It would be nice to have a check list to keep track of it all but such a thing doesn't exist so one step at a time. I know some of you ( well not YOU but other people) are slow readers so I'll tell the rest in pictures


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