Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It has been a little while since I have posted because there hasn't been much to talk about. After Spring Fair, I threw myself into the unexpected task of making pots so I would have stock for the Augusta, Ky. show on June 1. I thought I would have pots until July but the down ( or up) side of having a successful show is you have to replace what you sold. It's mostly mugs, cereal bowls and some big salad bowls. Not a lot of excitement. I got a bisque started yesterday and while it cooled today, I got the urge to spark up the grill and smoke some pork. I prefer shoulder but Costco had a great deal on sirloin roasts. They worked just fine and cooked a lot quicker than a big shoulder roast would have. Five hours over Cherry wood smoke and here's the exciting part.......

I can't guarantee there will be any left to take to Augusta but I will guarantee it is the prettiest little show you will ever go to. Right on the Ohio River. You can see the gardens in the restored homes on Riverside Dr. and meet all the artists right across the street.You can watch sternwheelers ply the mighty Ohio,  you can walk in the footsteps of Nick, Rosemary, and GEORGE !!!!!! Clooney!, and have a great day of southern hospitality.


  1. Smoked sirloin roasts, now that does sound yummy. My girl is visiting from CT. this weekend and requested bbq. i think it's going to be ribs this time around... mostly because it's quicker. Have you ever bought ribs from Costco? I was thinking of getting them there.
    Best of luck with the show. I have never been to Kentucky, but have always imagined it to be beautiful.

  2. Never bought ribs there but I have never bought anything there that wasn't good.I would pick them over a supermarket.


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