Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Unrelated Items

All the posturing by both parties over the fiscal cliff this weekend reminds me of my a favorite poem by Shel Silverstein. It always describes the heart of the matter when someone offers a simple solution to a complex problem.

I've found a way to make
 our friendship last forever.
There's really nothing to it.
I'll just tell you what to do.
And you do it

Item number two. The recent storms reminded me of this old song.( played on my $2 yard sale guitar) This may not show on some mobile devices.


  1. I love Shel- so many good poems came out of that man.

  2. That sounds pretty damn good for a $2 guitar, Dennis. And you sound pretty good, too.

  3. Thanks Hollis. I have sent your name to the "Miracle Ear" people.They will be calling any day.

  4. Rock on Dennis. Belated Happy Thanksgiving wishes


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