Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Returns

Winter has come back to Ohio bringing temps in the teens at night and a little bit of the dreaded white death but we are managing. I am saying it's great to have a well insulated studio. I've been running a small electric heater for freeze prevention then adding a 30k BTU propane heater when I want to heat the place up to work. It has been working out well. Tina is saying it's great to have a pack of dogs when you need them.

The most common response I get to the Blog is something like"What a Crock!" Well, I thought the big pot bug had passed but I had to make another one this morning .It's about 10 lbs and is still waiting for lugs (handles) which will come tomorrow. I'm thinking about white glaze with a cobalt rooster. That way I can just fire it cone 6 at home and not have to pay a large firing fee elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


  1. what a crock three dog night. Ha. that's about all we did for the last two days was watch tv, back to work today though.

  2. What a crock! Do you ever get tired of crock comments?

  3. These big things are exciting to make...and, yes, Doug is a big influence.


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