Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New (er) Pottermobile

In September, I had a show every weekend.This involved dragging those boxes, shelves, tent weights etc, etc, etc out of the old F 150 too many times. It was a great truck but was not really meeting my needs.Hard to load, worse to unload, and really stuffed to the brim.I spent the last weekend on a van search and here is the object of my affliction. A 2005 one ton 12 passenger Chevy van.Perfect condition, low miles and a great service record.I had been looking for a cargo van but they actually cost more used than a passenger rig. I'm not going to load it past the windows anyway and now I can carry a ton and a half of clay with the seats out or 11 friends with the seats in. Field trip anyone?

PS Ceramic Arts Daily ran my plans for a homemade banding wheel again yesterday.The layout was scrambled but blame them not me.


  1. Boy, that makes me miss my van. Try doing a show with a Subaru wagon! Not fun. Congrats :)

  2. We sold my escape and got a mini van, but Gary would love one of these, I won't let him see this pos, but that van is super, what kind of engine does it have and what kind of mileage do you get?

  3. Thanks all. Tracey, when I do indoor shows I drive my Subaru but stuffing the outdoor setup in there is too much.I hate to stack to the ceiling and not see out the rear of the car. Linda, it is a 6 liter v8, gas. Highway mileage is rated at about 18 but we will see.The pickup got 20. We probably won't put more than 5k miles on it a year so the net effect won't be that great. If I can get 10 passengers to ride along and split gas, it will be like getting 200 MPG!

  4. Thanks Dennis, that must be why they use those vans as commuter vans, they're probably actually making money. Ha. Our Toyota mini van which is a 98 is getting 25 and the escape only got 21 and the toyota has much more room and I am glad we got it. The escape seats were hard as rocks, ok to drive on short trips but over an hour and it was very tiring, the seats in the toyota are much better.


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