Sunday, October 24, 2010

All Screwed Up and the Wife has a Fit

I've been waiting for weeks to use this title. The ceiling panels are all screwed up. As in the last screw has been driven. It's clean, bright, white, and there is insulation behind it. I think this technically completes the construction phase of the new studio. I need to build more shelves and add a heater but that is more furnishing than actual construction. I want to thank my brother Norris, my wife Tina, and Laura, Peggy Anne, and Linda for all their help. You just can't hang a ceiling by yourself.

Ok, I just couldn't resist this teaser either.After hard shopping and tooth and nail bargaining Tina bought a new Honda Fit this week.Thanks for stopping by and if you don't have empty bowls tickets yet, go to to pick some up. It's a good time for a great cause. Feed hungry kids, help them with their homework, hook them up with needed services.

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  1. Studio looks good but it's way too neat, I don't see any clay on the floor, ha. Don't think I'll ever afford a new car, since I'm trying to stay clear of pymts and high ins rates, hope the empty bowls is a success.


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