Monday, September 27, 2010

Blue and White plus a Quick Tip

The platter shown above is just another example of the cobalt spongeware. Somebody liked the coffee server I showed you a couple of weeks ago enough to buy it so I guess I can make more.

I also wanted to do a little follow up on the MDF bat projects.  First, if you have not used this type of bat before, you should slightly moisten them to raise the surface fibers. Otherwise you may not get good adhesion. Second, if you are patient, you need not wire your pots off the bats. Like plaster, they will absorb water from the bottom of your pots and just let go when they are ready to trim. Lastly, go to the hardware or home center and buy a couple of self adhesive sanding disks. Stick one on one of those bats you made and you can use your wheel to smooth pot bottoms.

The tool at the left is very useful for beginners to use when trying to figure out how thick the bottom of a pot is. Just drive a brad into the end of a short piece of dowel and clip it at the thickness you want your bottoms. If you push it into the bottom of your pot. It will leave an imprint of the end of the dowel. Stick your finger in the imprint and open to that depth.

For those of you who are interested, the studio is slowly coming along. I finished painting the drywall. Next is metal ceiling and more insulation

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  1. You are the tipster king, thanks, and you can't have too much insulation that's for sure.


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