Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dennis gets Lucky

Yesterday was Clay Alliance's annual Spring Pottery Fair.The day started out as potential washout with thunderstorms as I was driving to the show site and a forecast for tons of rain all day.We had a great crew of volunteers and they were a big help getting everyone set up in the rain.Then we got lucky, the rain defied the weatherman and turned to a drizzle then just cloudy/breezy by afternoon.The crowd was a little subdued but by the end of the day I was $100 ahead of last year so rain or shine it was a success. A big plus was Shimpo had a booth and let the 60 potters draw for 30 door prizes.Good odds.I came away with a new padded adjustable throwing stool! As wet as it was, I didn't get show pictures but some will be posted at
Here are some aftermath shots of a wet load in the truck and how to dry out a tent if you have a barn.

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